Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tips for Healthy Hair for Summer Weddings

Sure it’s fun under the sun but it can be awfully harsh on your hair too. Aside from hiring a professional stylist for gorgeous Hair for weddings in Washington, DC, be sure to take care of your hair before your big day. Here are helpful tips to maintain or achieve healthy hair from season to season:
Adjust Your Conditioning Habits

As the temperature rises and humidity increases in the air, it is time to adjust your conditioning routine to suit the needs of your hair. Since the hair tends to be oily it’s time go lighter on your moisturizing. However, if you notice tangles and dry ends with rough texture then you might need to go for a deep conditioning treatment. It is important to remember that deep conditioning is still needed but it would be less frequently compared to fall and winter seasons. This prevents damage and keeps your hair soft, silky and smooth.
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Be Smart to Combat the Sun
Sun causes your hair to be dry and lighter in color especially if you like the beach or spend a lot of time outdoors. To make sure the sun’s rays do not take a toll on the shine and texture of your hair, use a UV protecting shampoo and conditioner.

Healthy Highlights
The sun can give you natural highlights as it lightens your hair. Looks good right? But why wait for the sun to get gorgeous highlights especially for summer weddings? To make sure your hair remains healthy with highlight you must balance moisture by applying protein treatments with your usual conditioning treatment. This will give your hair strength under the summer sun and when spending a lot of time in the water.

At Best, Naturally Style Your Hair
You do not want too much stress on your hair before your wedding day. Use flat irons at a minimum. Go for wash and go hair styles that look good on the texture and length of your hair.

Having a healthy looking and gorgeous hair is not a one-time effort. Having the best hair for weddings in Washington, DC depends on your effort in keeping your hair healthy before the big day and the talent of your hair stylist.

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