Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Get the Best Hairstylist Training in DC

All professional hairstylists know that their career development is a continuous process. The initial training he or she obtains is only the beginning of his or her professional development. This means one must keep on taking courses and getting the best Hair stylist training in DC to make sure he or she remains up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in the world of hairstyling.
hair stylist training in DC
There are many kinds of training and courses targeted in improving your skills and dexterity in the art of hair styling. But the question is which among them is worth investing on. Here are some things to consider in choosing the best hair styling training:
  • Who will conduct the training?
Get to know the hair stylist behind the training. Check his or her background. Does he or she has the experience and expertise in the fields and industries you want to pursue or currently pursuing? For instance, Audrey Bethards, yours truly, has a firm grasp in the field of fashion, beauty, bridal, entertainment, print photography, corporate and commercial work and HDTV, Video and Film. Another thing to ask is if he or she attentive to details. Does his or her personality suits you? Learning and training should be fun not just technical.
  • What are the specific things/techniques and skills to be learned from the hair styling training sessions? At its best a hair stylist training should involve a thorough knowledge on the nature of hair, sanitation, knowing different hair products aside from techniques in achieving different hair styles. It should be a holistic approach.
  • How can the training help you in establishing your career or improving your career as a professional hair stylist? The training should also help you develop your professional portfolio. It should teach you how to build client list and obtain a strong foundation to launch your professional reputation. Other aspects that should be included in the training are billing-invoicing and having an efficient stylist kit.
What makes a great professional hair stylist aside from her talent, knowledge, skills and training is his or her interpersonal interaction with his or her clients. The best hair stylist training in DC will help you gain strong interpersonal skills for you to communicate effectively specifically listen, understand and cater your clients’ needs.

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