Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I DO, I DO NOT: Bridal Hair Do’s and Don’ts

If there is one day you wish not to have a bad hair day, it would definitely be your wedding day. With the help of a professional hairstylist your Bridal hair in DC can look perfect. But before the big day make sure you plan ahead to make sure you have all you need and refrain from doing things that will keep you from getting gorgeous hair on your wedding day.

Do Have a Bridal Hair Trial
To make sure your chosen wedding hair style looks good on your face and on your dress, set up a trial appointment with your bridal hair stylist. A great hairstyle you’ve seen on someone else may not always work for you.
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Do Communicate Openly with Your Hairstylist
While your hairstylist has all the experience and skills to create a perfect bridal hair, getting the style that you totally want depends on whether or not you are honest with your stylist on your hairstyle. Remember how you feel about your hairstyle is a top priority of your hairstylist.

Don’t Go for a Hairstyle that’s Not You
While it’s exciting to try a new and different hairstyle, it is not the time to have a completely different style on your wedding day. YOU should look your best on your wedding day not look like somebody else.

Don’t Decide on Bridal Hair without a Dress
The dress is a crucial factor in deciding on whether you will keep your hair down or up on your big day. The style of your hair should complement your wedding dress. Ideally, you must have the dress on when doing a trial on your hairstyle.

Want to Change Your Hair Color or Add Highlights? Do Color Your Hair Way before the Big Day

If you are planning to change your hair color before the big day, make sure to get it ideally a few weeks before the big day.

Do Pamper Your Hair with a Hair Treatment
7 days before your wedding get a hair treatment. Deep conditioning will make sure your hair is in its best shiny and healthy shape on your big day.

Do Add Hair Accessories.
Headbands, floral hairpieces and pins add spark in your bridal hair. The wedding theme will help you decide on what kind of accessories to go for. This summer, floral wreathes and floral accessories are definitely in.
Keeping this list in mind will guide you in achieving lovely bridal hair in DC.

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