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Indian and Korean Inspired Bridal Look

Achieving your dream wedding is something to look forward to, more so, envisioning the wedding look you’ve been wanting ever since is icing on the cake! Just like the flowers in full bloom as a centerpiece on a dining table or that sparkling chandelier on a living room, a blushing bride is the highlight of any wedding. Aside from the groom, the guests undeniably look forward to the bride’s lovely ensemble. Certainly, the nods, the comments and the appreciation of the bride’s immaculate beauty is truly meaningful to her.

Asian brides have several styles to choose from, and the Bridal Wedding Hair and Makeup in DC stylists available to them are just endless! Indian bridal makeup is very dramatic, especially with regards to the eye makeup. It’s indeed captivating. The Korean bridal makeup on the other hand is striking. The burst of eye colors, winged eyeliner and falsies are some words to describe the Korean makeup generally. Though they differ in style, they denote the same thing- glamour.
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But don’t think that the gorgeous makeup styles above are only applicable to the said ethnicity. With the proper way of makeup application and blending of the right colors, getting the perfect Asian bridal look is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Indian wedding eye makeup consists of impressive colors and deep hues that highly define the eyes. Some brides tend opt to have full smoky eyes, giving them precise sharpness. Others choose to have semi-smoky eyes for that subtly-defined look. Depending on the wedding dress color and the wedding motif, the makeup artist could play up with colors that would come up to the make up concoction that will truly make the bride’s eyes pop!

Getting the perfect Korean eye makeup style is foolproof. The winged eyeliner and under eye makeup are becoming a popular trend these days. The right Asian eye makeup will be needed. Dark eyeshadows and eyeliners would be essential to create the perfect Asian eye. False eyelashes will surely make thin-slit eyes prettily open up.

Depending on the eyebrow shape, brides could have either a full brow or a thin brow to complete their Indian or Korean wedding makeup.If you want to make your look a bit different, why not use shimmery or metallic eyesharows on your big day? With the best cosmetics to use alongside proper makeup application, the bride can have the most enchanting gaze!

Contouring to highlight your best features is highly recommendable. Shades that are of earth colors, berry hues or sweet pink will surely keep you glowing. Even the light skinned ones could use a bronzer to get that sudden glow. Brides with deeper undertones will give a timeless radiance with a bronzer.It is recommended to use a long-wearing matte lipstick on the wedding so it’ll stay longer and won’t stain easily. Whatever lip color is to be used, be it in the tan, coral, red or pink tint, it is safe to wear something that would complement your skin tone, match with the wedding dress color and to balance your overall makeup look. 

A great makeup artist will play a big role in combining everything and hitting your wedding look goal.
And when we use the word “great”, we mean a lengthy experience for almost 3 decades in the beauty industry, a name recognized globally boasting a hundred of creations for private individuals and international companies. Audrey Bethards, bridal Hair and Makeup in DC for weddings has an outstanding skills and expertise will make you look like a star- guaranteed!

So whether you want your bridal look to be K-Pop inspired or the idea of a Bollywood-enthused theme is something that make you giggle with excitement, Audrey Bethards, will deliver!

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Audrey Bethards, Hair stylist and Makeup artist in Washington, DC. Providing hair stylist and makeup artist services for Fashion, Bridal, Runway Fashion Shows, Photography, HDTV Video Film, Galas and Special Events. With more than 30 years in the beauty industry. She has a high experience and reliable reputation in the Washington DC – Baltimore, MD – Northern Virginia area.

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