Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer-Inspired Hair for Weddings in DC

Summer is here! Wedding bells are ringing. Flaunt your gorgeous summer mane without worrying about getting frizzy hair. Have the most enviable Hair for weddings in DC with a handful of tips from the expert.
Delight on Highlights
hair for weddings in dc
Summer is the perfect time to show off sun-kissed highlights. Natural highlights add texture to your tresses and look better in photographs. Go for a variety of intensity in color to give your hair movement and again texture. As a rule, brunettes must stick with color levels that the sun would naturally do to their hair. Adding a variety of flaxen tones gives blondes depth to their summer tresses. Always make sure it looks natural and blends well with your true hair color even to its roots.

Be Carefree Yet Sophisticated with Summer Bridal Updos
Depending on your wedding theme, you can choose whether to go for an elegant classic updo or go for a more carefree slightly messy updos this summer season. But if you want to have that summer-inspired look, opt for a low bun, knot or twist that is not that sleek and perfect – disheveled look is more in tune with summer style.

Say Goodbye to Flyaways
Summer may set a lovely scene for weddings but humid weather is not that friendly to those who tend to have frizzy hair. To tame those flyaways and get that silky, shiny hair, go for an updo that is loose on your hairline. If you are going to let your tresses down, be sure to do hair conditioning the night before. Apply SPF and curl enhancer to hydrate your hair. Rely on pomade plus a finishing spray for touch-ups.

Keep it Laid-Back with Down Do’s
Want to don beachy waves for your wedding? Want to sport long, ethereal waves on your big day? For beach weddings and Bohemian themed weddings, down-dos are definitely a DO. To spice it up add braids and flowers, floral wreathes and other floral accessories.

While doing this set of bridal hair styles by yourself is achievable, it is always best to go for a professional to get guaranteed gorgeous hair for weddings in DC.

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