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Choosing Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC

Brides are becoming more creative and deviating from the veil. One of the favorite bridal headpieces is a flower crown. There is something about flower crowns that makes a bride look more ethereal and young. Pick your favorite hair and makeup trends and contact the best artist for your Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC. He or she will help you out on which trends work best on your face and your wedding dress. See more of the best bridal hair and makeup looks of real brides

Stylish Top Knots
Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC1
This is perfect for brides who are going for a sophisticated and chic look on her wedding day. It is simple yet very elegant plus it adds height for petite bride and top knots photograph well.

Kissable Peach/Pink Lips
Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC2
For a fun pop of color that is still appropriate for a bride, go for berry shades and baby pink shades. Having peach or pink lips gives you a contemporary look while complementing your wedding bouquets. Lots of photographs will be taken. While weddings are full of happiness and excitement, behind the scenes of each picture perfect bride are tons of preparations. It matters to pay keen attention in choosing whose going to do your Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC. It also helps to know the latest trends for bridal hair and makeup.

Summer 2014 Hair and Makeup

The look deviates from the usual warm tones of summer makeup. It instead goes for a subtle shades of milk golds and pale pearlescent shades. It does not glitter but softly sparkles. The shadow is barely noticeable on the eyelid. To complete the ethereal effect, apply mascara. This look is perfect for picnics, parties and other low-key summer days. Fashion is embracing the beauty in diversity. From the expected bronzed complexion to soft and ethereal looks. Having the hottest Runway Hair and Makeup in DC is within your reach. Here are some of the best runway hair and makeup looks for summer 2014.

Sun-kissed Look
What is summer without that sexy bronze complexion? What is summer without the sun-kissed skin, flushed cheeks and warm shades. Summer glow never fades during the hottest season of the year. No need for so much contouring but go for a natural look with subtle color on the cheeks, brows and temples. This look is casual and sexy.
Hair and Makeup in DC2

With the variety of trends in hair and makeup, you can experiment and make the trend your own. To get the Best Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC go for a trusted name. The purpose of this trend is to maintain natural look by putting less products and doing less styling. In catwalks, this is achieved by only concealing flaws with a little concealer. This also means defining features instead of transforming them so there is no need for a mascara.

Professional Makeup Artist in DC

Makeup beauty products generally last longer than liquids like liquid foundation and liquid eyeliner. As a rule of the thumb, if the product’s color, smell or texture changes, or if it feels different when you apply it on your skin then get rid of it right away. A Professional Makeup Artist in DC knows the best time to say adieu. Here are a few reminders in determining how long you should keep your beauty products.

Liquid Foundation or Blush, Liquid Liner
Throw your liquid foundation or blush away six months after opening. Bacteria can quickly grow in beauty products containing water. You don’t want to have irritation or breakouts. Give your liquid liner two months then discard it.
Makeup Artist in DC

You can keep your powder foundation or blush for a good two years unless you feel texture changes or if they feel different on your skin. Yes, we know it’s a product women generally keep for years but you should not keep it more than a year. If it is a cream shadow then keep it for nine months after opening. Your eye area is very sensitive, it is not worth the risk. Learning to let go of your favorite makeup is not that hard. Remember you can always have a fresh new set of makeup that is friendly to your skin. To get more tips and trends from the Best Makeup Artist in Washington, DC

Best Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC

Your shade of lipstick can make or break your entire wedding look. This summer you can go for a bolder, darker or brighter shade for your lips. To pick the right color, consider booking a trial makeup with the Best Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC. Here are some of the best shades to make summer even hotter.

Classic Shades with a Summer Twist

For brides who want to have light shade of lipstick rather than a darker one, go for a mid-tone coral lipstick. This peachy shade is subtle yet it’s bright enough to make your face glow. Mac’s Sushi kiss gives you this effect. For brides with darker complexions, go for medium to dark peachy coral color with a soft shimmer sheen like MAC’s Ravishing. The shade is leaning towards orange but it looks naturally soft and at the same time brightens the face of the bride.
Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC

For brides who want to have sexy and darker shade of lips then go for something with a rich-reddish berry color. This color looks great on a bride who has a natural sun-kissed skin. The rich red berry color would complement an olive skin tone yet it also looks great on a lighter skin tone just like below.
Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC2
Bolder Shades
Red hot lips will surely make a statement on your wedding day. The tip in wearing this shade is to keep the rest of your makeup minimal – a simple tinted moisturizer if you have flawless complexion (add foundation and/or concealer if you have blemishes), mascara and a defined brow would do. If you have a darker and warmer complexion go for a coral red; if you have a lighter complexion then go for a blue-based rep lipstick.

Orange lips are so in trend since spring. Tangerine shade is an unexpected yet still in line with the orange trend. Just like red lips, keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Summer brides will definitely look glowing on photographs when choosing one of these shades. To get the best look for your wedding consider hiring the Best Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DC

Bridal Hair Styles

If you want to deviate from the traditional black and tie wedding, go for a boho. It’s refreshing, ethereal and flirty. It’s like a fairytale wedding with you as the woodland princess. Here are some of the best boho bridal hair styles from an expert in Bridal Hair in DC.

What is a boho wedding without the carefree yet very lovely bridal hair? Here are some of the simple yet ethereal boho-inspired bridal hairs:

Unkempt Up Do

Bridal Hair in DC1
Traditional weddings usually have brides with sleek, clean, structured bridal up do, boho weddings call for a slightly messy, less structured, more natural and laidback up do. It may look to easy to create but it takes a professional hair stylist to achieve this look perfectly. To create a gorgeous windswept or disheveled up do, contact a professional hair stylist. Book a trial appointment to make sure you get the kind of hair style that works for your face and your dress.

Loose and Lovely Bridal Hair

Bridal Hair in DC3
There are many ways to wear this look, you can add a braid, you can pull some hair up, or you can even curl your hair. To perfectly capture the boho bride look, wear a flower crown or any flower garland. You will definitely feel ethereal like fairy princess in the forest. Don’t forget to prepare your hair before the big day so it will look shiny and soft. Hydrate your hair by moisturizing it with a conditioner.

To get the best boho look from hair to makeup, contact a trusted name when it comes to Bridal Hair in Washington, DC. Make sure to check the portfolio of the professional hair stylist before booking him or her. See more bridal hair styles from one of the respected name in the bridal hair industry in DC.

Bridal Hair for Weddings and Parties

The glamour of vintage Hollywood is a classic yet its signature glam waves look chic and modern to wear for brides of the 21st century. This hair style is very friendly for accessories as well. It can accommodate any type of veil. It can look great with a 1920s bridal headband. You can also add more glamour to it by embellishing the hair style with a bejeweled hair pin. This hair style is perfect for a form-fitting mermaid or trumpet skirt wedding gown.Still undecided how to wear your hair on your wedding day? Take a look at these gorgeous bridal hair styles before you call a professional stylist to do Hair for Weddings in DC. These hair styles are chic and classy to match such significant occasion.

Gorgeous Top Knot

This towering updo gives you a dramatic hairstyle that will definitely make everybody focus on you. You can go for a clean style or make it softer and relax by letting a few strands free to frame your face or loosen its structure just like the photo below.
Hair for Weddings in DC2

Short Loose Curls
Who says only long hair brides can flaunt gorgeous curls? This romantic style frames the face in such a flattering way. It is lovely and flirty. Glam up the look with a sparkly headband or a single bloom of fresh flower – it’s your pick!
Hair for Weddings in DC1

Modern Chignon
This is the perfect hair style for brides who want to keep the hair off their face but still wants to have a chic and contemporary look. The texture of this chignon makes the look romantic.
Hair for Weddings in DC4
Whatever your pick would be you can count on a trusted name when it comes to Gorgeous Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC. You don’t have to be a celebrity to look flawless on your wedding day. Learn more of how to achieve gorgeous bridal hair.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Bridal Hair and Makeup

There is beauty in simplicity. This hairstyle is perfect for those who have natural straight hair. Flaunt your shiny long locks with a wide side part. Embellish the simple hairstyle with a sparkling headband. For your hair to look great make sure you keep it healthy way before the wedding day. Don’t forget to moisturize your hair weeks before the wedding.

The style of the wedding dress, the makeup, the menu, the invitations, the guest list, the songs and the list goes on. When it comes to your hair, there are once again so many styles to choose from. We make the decision a bit easier for you. Here are six of the most gorgeous hairstyles you can get inspiration from. To achieve each hairstyle, communicate with a trusted name when it comes to Bridal Hair in DC.
Bridal Beauty Associates consists of eight fabulous hair and makeup artists in the Washington, DC area who travel to brides on their wedding day providing luxurious beauty treatments. Our blog is dedicated to providing our brides and readers a glimpse into our buisness as well as provide them inspiration and information on all things wedding day beauty.

A long bob is definitely a bridal hair style to go for. You don’t have to be a long-haired bride. All you need to have is a good hair stylist to cut your hair into light layers and a deco-style headpiece or any hair accessory to give you that red-carpet look. If you want more bridal hair ideas look for the best Wedding Hair Stylist in your area and learn straight from the expert when it comes to Bridal Hair in Washington, DC.

Perfect Bridal Hair for Wedding

Choose a hair style that is YOU yet consider going big. It is always important not to completely look different on your big day so you can’t go from curly to sleek and straight but you can always add more volume and height for your hair to look better in photos and because your do will likely collapse a bit as the day goes on. To learn more where to get the best Bridal Hair in DC, check the best wedding hair stylists in your area.
Prepare back-up hair supplies. If you have a small kit for spare clips, hairpins, mini hairspray, and other styling products then you can be free from a bad hair day. You can always do a quick fixing for any hair out of place, tame flyaways and have a fresh and gorgeous hair all throughout the event.
Bad hair is inexcusable on your big day. Most women would agree that their wedding day was the biggest “hair moment” of their lives. Having a flawless Bridal Hair in Washington, DC is achievable when you are prepared for everything. Here are important things to do and remember to have perfect bridal hair.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Professional Hairstylist for Weddings in DC

Will you be having a rustic-themed wedding or a fairy-tale like wedding? Regardless of your wedding theme or your wedding dress there are a lot of options to choose from for your bridal hairstyle. The year 2014 has a lot to offer when it comes to stylish bridal hair from undone hairstyles to mussed-up chignon. With the right ideas and a professional hairstylist you will surely have the best Hair for Weddings in DC. Here are some of the best 2014 bridal hair trends to get inspiration from.
Hair for Weddings in DC
Nothing makes any wedding scene or any setting fresher and more romantic than having beautiful blooms all around. No wonder renowned fashion stylists like Dolce and Gabbana and Zac Posen are embellishing their models with flowers on their locks. This trend would look great for real brides.
Hair for Weddings in DC1
Blooms can be worn in so many ways. A big, blousy single flower can be worn on the side of the head. One can also choose to have tiny flower heads pinned all over the hairdo. Brides can also have floral crowns instead of tiaras.
Hair for Weddings in DC2
Gorgeous Hair Down Dos
Your wedding day is definitely one of the best times to flaunt your gorgeous, luscious locks. If you have long hair then let your tresses down. You can go for a half-up down to keep your hair off your face and still flaunt your enviable locks. You may also want to try mermaid waves which are in trend this year.
Hair for Weddings in DC3

Whatever hair style or hair accessory you might choose always remember to go for a look that is still you. Don’t try to look so different but stay true to your natural beauty. For more gorgeous hair for weddings in DC, visit one of the best hair stylists for weddings websites in the area, Hair for Weddings in Washington, DCDestination weddings allow couples to live their dream wedding ceremony in a stunning location and celebrate surrounded by their closest friends and family members creating long-lasting memories for both the couple and their guests. 

Special and Unique Hair for Weddings in Washington

Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC
Everyone wants their wedding day to be the most special, unique and beautiful day of all. This must be a day to remember. However, even though a couple usually feel the way they want their perfect day to be, it’s not always that they can verbalize it. Luckily, there are wedding planners and managers out there to help the bride and groom create their own personal fairy tale. 

Get a professional who is trusted when it comes to Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC. It also helps to do your homework by knowing which perfect bridal hair accessory would look great on you and reflects the theme of your wedding. We narrow down the list into three of the best hair accessory that will surely make you shine on your big day!
Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC3

Boho Flower Fashion – If traditional tiara is not your thing then let your free-spirited personality shine by wearing stunning head pieces made out of flowers. The hobo look is not just for beach weddings. Loose, effortless waves are in trend this 2014 and they definitely call for boho floral wreathes. Even half-updos and updos look charming with flower headbands. To make it even better the laidback, and sometimes windswept hairstyles for bohemian themed weddings are much easier to maintain and needs little to no touch-ups on your wedding day.

It took the girls whole afternoon to complete the task, but when the groom walked in and saw the ready gifts he was so delighted and amazed, that he didn’t know what to say. That was the best award for all the hard work.
Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC1
We also prepared a special questioner to get a basic idea on what should be done. Filling it in during a meeting also gave us a memo to work with. After a long discussion we found out that the bride would prefer aqua blue/yellow palette for the wedding. Learn more about bridal hair and makeup at one of the Best Hair Stylists for weddings in the area Get to know the professional artist behind the Best Hair for Weddings in DC.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

More glamorous look on your wedding day

There is beauty in simplicity. No wonder many brides are going for a more laid back style on their wedding day. For those who have naturally wavy hair, they can go all natural with the help of a few hair styling tips. Having gorgeous wavy Hair for Weddings in DC is achievable. Here are some tips to help you out.

You can do this simple process on your own to have gorgeous beach waves:

Hair for Weddings in DC
  • Prepare your hair for styling. Go for a super moisturizing shampoo since wavy hair’s rich texture needs a lot of moisturizing. To make the moisturizing even more effective, wrap your head in a warm towel.
  • Apply a curl cream on your damp and newly moisturized hair. Half-dry your hair using a diffuser. Set it on medium heat. Once the hair is half-dry turn the diffuser off and let the air dry your hair. Then use a curling iron on three 2-inch sections of your hair.

As long as you have the right hair products and know these tips, you can flaunt your wavy hair not only on your big day but also every day. If you are not that confident enough, then let the expert do your Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC. Apply styling spray on the rest of your locks and use hot rollers to roll you hair halfway up. Use bigger rollers for better results. Spritz hair spray on your rolled hair while it’s still warm. Then remove curlers right away.

Right Choice of Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC

Look like a royalty on your wedding day by wearing a rolled chignon. This bridal hair is formal yet its slight volume and subtle draping keeps the updo cute too. This updo need not be super sleek and clean so having ends poke out makes it less structured but with more texture. You can go elegant and refined with a regal updo or go for casual yet pretty beachy waves. Regardless of the theme of the wedding, your natural hair, or your dress, there’s always the right style for your Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC. Let’s make the selection easier by narrowing down your options.
Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC2
For a flattering bridal do that shows off your neckline, go for a swept-up and slightly loose bun. This bridal hair do is elegant yet the slightly unkempt texture makes it less formal and less severe. It captures elegance and softness in a very lovely way.
Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC3

Having gorgeous Hair for Weddings in DC should not be a complicated process. You can choose any of these styles for your big day. For a guaranteed great hair day, contact a professional hairstylist.

Professional Hairstylist and Bridal Hair for Weddings

A very beautiful way to make a great statement on your wedding day could be this amazing Weaved Bridal UpDo. Beautifully accentuated with your beautiful piece of hair jewelry or a very romantic flowes details. You can play with braids in a lot of ways. To make the decision easier always consider how it will complement your dress. This summer, take note of how your hair will look great given the weather conditions. For a stress-free great hair day, go for a professional hairstylist to do your Bridal Hair for Weddings in DC.
Bridal Hair in DC5
You can play with braids in a lot of ways. To make the decision easier always consider how it will complement your dress. This summer, take note of how your hair will look great given the weather conditions. For a stress-free great hair day, go for a professional hairstylist to do your Bridal Hair for Weddings in DC.
Bridal Hair in DC
This braid style is perfect for a formal event. It keeps the hair off your face in a very classy way. The height of the voluminous updo makes a short bride look taller. It is also perfect for brides with round face as it adds length to the face. To achieve this look perfectly, one must add extensions.

Get the Hottest Makeup Artist in DC

2014 embraces the feline eyes using your favorite black eyeliner that never goes out of trend. The effect gives you a heavy and striking pair of eyes. To achieve those sultry and dramatic eyes apply right on the water line. Get the hottest look this summer 2014 with a trusted Makeup Artist in DC. Here is a quick recap of the latest trends at spring/summer fashion shows this year.
Makeup Artist in DC
A lot of leading cosmetic brands have purple collections this season. This means you have a lot of selections you can work with. Go out of your comfort zone and wear lilac lips or go for lavender shadows. Complement this shade with teal or aqua hues to achieve a jewel-tone look.
Makeup Artist in DC1
Bright lips are turning heads this year. Either matte or not, the rule is to have hot, bright lips. The hottest and most refreshing trend is orange lips. Bright pink lips and scarlet pouts are also in style this season. If you don’t feel confident or at ease with wearing strong black eyeliner or hot orange lips then let your raw beauty shine through, even the catwalk beauties at Alexander Wang have almost bare face. Makeup artists only lightly applied concealer. This is perfect for a lazy girl’s makeup.

For special occasions, draw inspirations from this set of colors and trends and always have a professional Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC.

Artistic Talent and Makeup Artist

Dead skin cells accumulate on the face due to frequent exposure to the sun, pollution and heat. Rub a pea-sized amount of gentle facial scrub on your face and lightly massage it into your skin using your fingers in a circulation motion. Focus on rough areas like the forehead, chin and the nose. Rinse your face with warm water.
Makeup Artist in Washington, DC
Preparing your skin for makeup application is a must. Your skin should be cleansed and moisturized to prevent clogging the pores and to make sure your skin will look smooth and glowing. Before you let a Makeup Artist in DC do his or her job.

Our skin reduces its elasticity through time thus using a moisturizing cream helps prevent this damage. In applying a moisturizer, see if your skin is properly absorbing it. When skin feels dry then the moisturizer is not enough. If the skin is greasy even after 5 minutes then it means you are putting on too much moisturizer.

Remember to use products that suit your skin type. Ladies with sensitive skin must use products for sensitive skin. There must always be a balance between toning and moisturizing your face to have the best results. Get enough sleep too, so your skin will look naturally radiant. Loving and pampering your skin gives any Makeup Artist in Washington, DC a perfect canvass to work on.

Professional Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DC

Remember to use products that suit your skin type. Ladies with sensitive skin must use products for sensitive skin. There must always be a balance between toning and moisturizing your face to have the best results. Get enough sleep too, so your skin will look naturally radiant. Loving and pampering your skin gives any Makeup Artist in Washington, DC a perfect canvass to work on.

Use a toner.

Exfoliating and scrubbing opens the pores of the skin. Applying a toner will close your face’s skin pores. It removes the skin’s impurities to make your skin fresh for a longer time. Make sure your toner is friendly to your skin type. Do not experiment on a new one when there are only a few days remaining before an event.
Makeup Artist in Washington, DC1
 Hydrate your skin with a moisturizer.

Nourishing your skin by moisturizing it should always be a part of your beauty routine. Our skin reduces its elasticity through time thus using a moisturizing cream helps prevent this damage. In applying a moisturizer, see if your skin is properly absorbing it. When skin feels dry then the moisturizer is not enough. If the skin is greasy even after 5 minutes then it means you are putting on too much moisturizer.
Makeup Artist in Washington, DC2

Makeup Artist in Washington, DC3
Preparing your skin for makeup application is a must. Your skin should be cleansed and moisturized to prevent clogging the pores and to make sure your skin will look smooth and glowing. Before you let a Makeup Artist in DC do his or her job.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC is the key to getting that perfect beach bride look amidst the warm weather and sudden blow of winds which are very much expected on the seaside.
Knowing that you’d still look gorgeous despite those unexpected kisses of nature gives you a sense of confidence and poise that will definitely radiate from within. This composure is something that will allow you to move freely while looking at your best; embracing the different emotions brought about by the pressures from the wedding ceremony itself, the tears of joy from that sweet kiss, the lovely messages from the people close to your heart and the fun partying afterwards!

Be sure to discuss several things with your Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC about your hair style and skin requirements for that important day. You don’t wanna get frezze hair and red heat blotches on your big day, do you? So a bridal hair and makeup trial is highly recommended from a reputable makeup artist. This will give you an idea if the actual products to be used on your big day will work well with your skin.

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC

Hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding would be the best move. The much required soft glow and elegance can be given only by professionals.Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC is well versed with this fact and work on giving you the eye catching look. The value of hiring these experts in present era cannot be overlooked.
Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC

There are many women who are quite confident in themselves of carrying out the makeup work by themselves. But it would be a better idea to sit and relax on this day and get pampered. The experts are trained in applying makeup taking in consideration the season, location, dress and the lighting around. Moreover they can also give the perfect hairstyle that can further enhance the personality. It is very important that you look picture perfect in front of the photographer’s camera so your best memories can be cherished for life long. The best wedding artists can fulfill all your dreams and desires; you just need to hire the Best Makeup Artist in DC for your wedding day.

Hair Stylist for Weddings in DC

You are the queen of your wedding and although there are several wedding themes that are more laid back, your wedding day is your time to shine; to show your beauty inside and out while celebrating one of the most beautiful beginnings in your life- your matrimonial union. So find the best makeup artist and Hair Stylist for Weddings in DC or in the state you’re in so as to ensure that you’re all glammed up for your big day!

Prep up your crowning glory for the big day!

It’s best not to go through any perming or hair coloring a few months before your wedding so as to ensure that your hair won’t be too damaged when you get styled on your big day. If you need to do so, find the mildest ones or pick the organic hair color kits that are proven safe and preservative-free. As with your bridal hair style, think about your wedding theme.
bridal special events

choosing one, always put the hair stylist’s training, years of experience, expertise and portfolio into consideration. Not only that, a great personality is also a requirement. You don’t want to get stressed on your wedding day, right? Speaking of those aspects, Audrey Bethards surely is your ideal beauty BFF! She is the most sought-after Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC and has also gained an amazing reputation in the states of Virginia and Maryland. Audrey is a Paul Mitchell School licensed and certified hair and makeup artist. For more than 30 years, she has been expressing her passion for beauty and art in the fields of entertainment, fashion and weddings. Having a bubbly personality with a positive and cheerful outlook in life, she will be able to understand what you visualize and carry out what makes you truly happy. 

Makeup Artist in DC

Practice makes perfect and though you’re able to try various makeup styles on, you will always end up with the best combination that highlights your features. You could DIY it using the most basic makeup materials alongside several makeup videos on You Tube. But if you want to take it to the next level, then find the best Makeup Artist in DC or in the state you’re in to learn firsthand the fundamentals of makeup artistry.
If there’s an upcoming event or you’re a soon-to-be bride and want to get that celebrity look instantly, contact the best Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DC, Audrey Bethards. Audrey has gained a credible reputation of providing excellent service on wedding packages and non-bridal projects. Her works of art have been featured on top fashion magazines like British and American ELLE, Italian and American Glamour, Italian and American Cosmopolitan, as well as.
Makeup Artist

bridal magazines like Baltimore Bride and Engaged! Not only that, she has worked for high caliber companies like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, AVON and Bakers. See a beautiful compilation of her gorgeous creations and the makeup artists training she offers at www.mymakeupbook.com

Hair for Weddings in DC

Hair for Weddings in DC during the Cherry Blossom festival. Hair jewelries that carry the shades of blue, red and white are also seen on July 4th weddings. Tiaras with orange and yellow accents are also ideal for summer weddings. Getting the best bridal hairstyle is very much achievable and that’s also another thing to celebrate on!

How do you choose the ideal bridal hairstyle for you?

It’s true, there are a countless options when it comes to bridal hair styles, but the truth about bridal hair styles is this: it’s not a “One size, fits all.” thing. Before picking your Top 5 bridal hairstyles, you have to take several things into consideration. First, know your face shape as well as your best features. That way your hair stylist will be able to create a style that will flaunt your assets more. Determine what your wedding dress style is. A full updo or chignon looks great for a sleeved wedding dress. A bridal hair down or a half updo is great for strapless wedding gowns. Twisted swirls and braided ‘dos are great for any wedding dress style. Additionally, informing your hair and makeup artist about your wedding details is a great idea; she could use an oil-free or sweat-proof foundation, a great makeup setter or even an airbrush for an outdoor wedding such as those done on a beach, garden or barn, and also create a hairstyle that will make you still looking fabulous despite the humidity, sea and sand.
Makeup Artist in DC1

Audrey has become a part of amazing makeup artistry and have created exquisite Bridal Hair in Washington, DC, as well as in the states of Maryland and Virginia. Her creations in the field of fashion and entertainment were showcased on top magazines like Teen Vogue, Seventeen and American ELLE, among others. She is also favored by numerous couples in glamming them up and has already established her name remarkably in the wedding niche- her creations were featured on wedding magazines like Baltimore Bride, My Day, Engaged! and on the number one wedding blog- Style Me Pretty.

Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC

Choosing a hair style for such a romantic event can be a challenge. Don’t worry since in every type of wedding there is a gorgeous hair style to match. Aside from how it looks, you should also consider how long it can stay beautiful throughout the event especially with the heat and humidity this summertime. It is highly recommended for you to have a professional do your Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC.

Here are some suggestions for you to know or to tell your chosen hair stylist.

Outdoor Summer Hairstyle

A braided updo looks great and perfect for summer weddings outdoor. It’s in trend and keeps your hair off your neck. It can stay pretty all throughout despite summer weather conditions. It is also perfect for weddings by the beach. The braided updo won’t mind the wind that much.

Glamorous Finger Waves

This wedding hair style is reminiscent of vintage Hollywood glamour. This is a side-swept hairstyle that can be created by you if you have a set of hot rollers.

Classic Hollywood Inspired Updo

This dramatic updo is well-suited for a bride. This wedding hair style commands attention in a very good way.

Beachy Waves

If you want to keep some hair off your face in case of the wind then you can have a small section of your hair pulled up and secured with bobby pins. You can also add some braids.

The heat, the wind and etc. are no excuses to have a great hair day on your wedding day. To get the best of Hair for Weddings in DC, contact Audrey Bethards and her team of professional hair stylists. She is highly experienced on fashion bridal photography and entertainment work. By far, one of the best hair stylists for weddings the Washington DC area has to offer!

Hair Stylist for Weddings in Washington, DC

Trusted Hair Stylist for Weddings in Washington, DC, yours truly. Whether you are a bride to be or not, taking care of your hair is a must especially when the bright, sunny season is here.

Conditioning is a MUST.

Your hair needs moisture to be on its top condition just like how your body needs water to survive. Conditioner gives your hair the moisture it needs to keep it healthy. For those who often use dry-shampoo, you can use a dry conditioner every two days. It is a must since dry shampoos are formulated to absorb oil making your hair dull and dry.

With Essential Oils.

For balance and rehydration, essential oils will give your hair nourishment and moisture. It acts like lotion for your hair. Add essential oils to your conditioner for better results.

Go Mild.

The sun is extraordinary harsh this summer so even mild surfactants can leave parched strands and strands and can lighten the color of your hair. The solution to this is washing your hair with a cleansing conditioner which has essential oils. It removes dirt without stripping.
bridal hair
Keep it Laidback.

Let your hair breathe this summer. Go for casual hairstyles like braids, buns and ponytails. Style your hair naturally. You can even wear your hair as it is as long as your hair looks shiny and healthy.

Skip Blowdry (if not, then lower the heat)

Let the natural summer weather dry you hair to unveil your hair’s natural texture. But if you can’t help but to blowdry, then remember to use a nozzle to protect your hair from the heat, the heat can damage you hair making it frizzy and singed.

Make Tying Up Your Hair before Bed a Habit

To prevent your hair from tangles, splitting, breakage and to help it grow healthily then have a nighttime updo when you sleep. Make sure you gather your hair on top of your head when doing the updo.

If your hair is badly damaged then you must seek out the help of a hair professional. Do these simple tips and see your hair like you’ve never seen before. These are helpful for daily wear but for hair for special occasions like weddings contract a Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC.

Bridal Hair in Washington, DC

Get the Best Bridal Hair in Washington, DC to look fabulous on your wedding day. Remember this event will be captured in photographs that will be seen in years to come. You should look timelessly beautiful. Here are some hair styles that will surely radiate your inner celebrity on your wedding.

Braided Chignon with Tiara

This bridal hair is perfect for those who want to flaunt a polished and sophisticated look. To pull this look your hairdo should be flawless that means it should be clean and kempt. This can be achieved by letting your hair done by a professional hair stylist.

Bridal Hair with Fresh Flowers

For those who want to keep their wedding look more laid back than sophistication, then going for fresh flowers than a tiara is definitely recommended. If you are planning to have a bohemian themed wedding, a beach wedding or a garden wedding, then crown your tresses with flowers made into a crown. You can also opt for a large single flower instead of a crown to accessorize any bridal hair you choose. Flowers bring freshness and youth in your bridal look.
bridal weddings
Unkempt Braid and Twists
If you rather have your hair off your face than letting them down for the usual beachy waves but still you want a hair style that is casual then go for this unkempt braid in front and twists in back updo. Making the hair less polished makes it look more laid-back.

Statement Bridal Hair Accessories

Being a bride with short hair is fun. Why? You can get away with embellishing your cropped look with a bold piece of jewelry. Good thing there are tons of bridal hair accessories that truly create a statement. You can go for sparkly headband, glittering pins, etc.

Vintage-inspired Bridal Hair

Getting inspiration from Old Hollywood hairstyles is definitely a good option. Have your hair pulled on one side and sport those lovely loose curls. What makes this look very attractive is how it can show off your earrings and your neck. This wedding hairstyle also frames your face.

These are just a few of the many timeless bridal hairstyles. Whether you want elegance or going for a more casual hair style, there’s always a look for you. To make sure you get the loveliest Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC contact a professional hair stylist.

Makeup Artist in Washington, DC

Celebrate each day of 2014 by getting to know makeup trends that will surely be in style for the whole year. Learn what colors, tricks and tips a professional Makeup Artist in Washington, DC does that you can also do on your own. With the right knowledge, a good set of makeup and enough skills you can create one or two makeup trends that you can wear on a daily basis. Here are some of them:

Colors that are Hot on Your lips this year:

Orange: Orange is definitely making a statement this year. Different shades of orange lips are being worn by celebrities. Orange lips are also seen in runways. This shade is definitely a favorite of celebrities and fashion designers this 2014. You need not be a celebrity or a fashion model to make this shade work on you. Orange looks good on any skin tone.

Berry: Those sexy berry lips are also in this 2014.

Bright pink lips are also favorites last spring and this summer.
Makeup artist1
Blue on the Eyes
If orange is the shade for lips this 2014, blue is one of the favorite shades for the eyes this year. Many models on the catwalk are wearing a solid electric blue on their lids that is applied from lash line to crease. Aside from solid blue on the lids, blue is also a favorite when it comes to eye liner. This trendy blue eyeliner is definitely wearable. This can instantly brighten your eyes without much effort.

Purple Invasion:

Aside from blue, lilacs, lavender or whatever you call that purple shade, is gaining popularity in the world of makeup this year especially for Spring and Summer. There are fantastic purple shadows and lilac lipsticks to choose from in many leading makeup brands. The color is a bit tricky so better know how to apply and when to wear this shade.

Glowing Skin

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a fresh-glowing skin? Having a glowing skin is achievable even if you are not naturally endowed with a flawless complexion. This year fashion police say you should get golden glow for a tanned look for summer and spring 2014. Go for warmer shades for your blush.

You can definitely incorporate one or two of these trends on your daily look but for special events and occasions always have a trusted Makeup Artist in DC.

Bridal Hair in DC

Long hair, a pixie cut or one with a medium length- the possibilities are endless when it comes to picking the right hairstyle for you that accentuates your assets and boosts your confidence. In terms of the biggest celebrations in life, especially in weddings, the array of bridal hairstyles are ready to be relished by women, and the creativity of different artists who do Bridal Hair in DC and in any parts of the world have been experimenting different ways in creating truly glamorous hairstyles.
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They say that a drastic change in one’s hairstyle is reflective of a milestone in life. If that’s not the case and you just want to sport a newer, fiercer look- ala Katy Perry or Haley Williams, then you go girl! Enjoy your femininity and beauty while expressing the real you! But are you feeling overwhelmed by the heaps of hairstyles to choose from? Allow Audrey Bethards’ keen eyes and creative hands to help you pick the best to match your features. 

Being a Paul Mitchell School licensee, she has been adding a “wow” factor to thousands of satisfied clients for almost 30 years. She has been a part of successful campaigns for Bakers, Avon, and Nordstrom, among others. Additionally, she has become an established name as someone who does amazing Bridal Hair in Washington, DC as well as in the states of Virginia and Maryland. Her bridal creations are featured on several popular bridal magazines like Engaged! and My Day, and Style Me Pretty has presented her beautiful creations online.

Hair Stylist Training in DC

The hair and makeup artistry is also an area where most women- and even men, use in expressing themselves and in gaining more confidence in their own skin. The hair and makeup, alongside proper clothing and accessorizing definitely completes a person’s fashion statement. If you feel like there’s still a lot to explore in the fashion world, taking a course in fashion, makeup or a “Hair Stylist Training in DCor in any state that you’re in will definitely help you meet your personal fashion goals or making a career in the beauty industry.

What is considered fashionable?

This question is absolutely subjective. Some might say that what is trendy, loud and popular among celebrities is what could be called fashion. On the other hand, a lot may say that a minimalist style is the best- timeless and always classy!
bridal hair and makeup

How about you? Do you consider yourself fashionable? Do you use the different aspects of fashion in expressing your ideas and tastes, celebrating life through your individuality? If that’s the case then you’re certainly on the right track! Being able to use fashion in motivating yourself and inspiring others is an amazing goal. Just like Audrey Bethards, a Paul Mitchell certified hair and makeup artist who is also providing Bridal Hair in Washington, DC, she has been a part of that celebration of individuality for the past 30 years.

Hair and Makeup in DC

It is very easy to create a combination that works perfectly for your skin and overall personality. A professional stylist who does Hair and Makeup in DC, or in the state that you’re in will give you a basic knowledge of makeup and hair artistry if you want to fully maximize what beauty and style has to offer.
Black is beautiful! It is always best to have fun and try on different makeup and hairstyles looks to show your best assets. 

If you’re having a hard time determining which makeup and/or hair style harmonizes your skin color, undertones and skin and hair type, Audrey Bethards can help. Known as one of the Best Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC, Audrey will give you a better understanding on what your skin and hair qualities are. She will guide you in identifying your best facial features to be able to determine the right makeup and hair style for you. Knowing the fundamentals of hair and makeup artistry and recognizing your hair and skin requirements, you will surely go a long way! Explore how gorgeous her hair and makeup creations for colored women are at www.mymakeupbook.com and get the hairstyling and makeup training that will jumpstart your few steps towards beauty now!

Coffee, chocolate, mocha or caramel skinned?
hair for weddings in dc

Whatever your skin color is, it is best to understand what your undertones are. It is the key in being able to pick the right foundation color for you. Identifying your skin type will really help too so you could choose a foundation type that minimizes the oiliness or dryness of your skin. Earth tones used on your eye makeup are the best. Blush colors like bronze, peach and corals are also great for dark skin. With regards to lippies- it’s your choice. If you want to steal the look of Nicki MInaj- wearing a frosted pink pout then have fun!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bridal Hair and Makeup

Outdoor weddings are getting popular these days. A number of nuptials that are done on a garden, barn, backyard, mountain as well as beach weddings are increasing each year. Though the traditional wedding ceremonies are still being preferred by most couples, a lot of soon-to-be brides and grooms would opt for an outdoor wedding. They find these weddings more fun, breezy and cozy. Take for instance the weddings that take place in Washington DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival. A great Hair Stylist for Wedding in DC is an answered prayer if you wish to have your bridal hair to be still looking fresh and fab even during an outdoor after-wedding party. An amazing bridal makeup artist is also a great help in maintaining a beach bride’s freshness even on a humid and windy afternoon.

Be sure to find the perfect bridal hair and makeup artist for your outdoor wedding! Choose someone who has the experience of styling outdoor wedding brides and entourage and check out their portfolio. If you’re having a wedding in the Washington DC area, you may want to contact Audrey Bethards. Audrey is considered as the most sought-after Hair Stylist for Weddings in Washington, DC and also accepts out of state (and even overseas!) bridal engagements.

Here are outdoor wedding hair and makeup ideas that will certainly keep you inspired!
Great Hair Stylist for Wedding in DC1
She has been expressing her passion and creativity for almost years and her creations have been featured in the British and American ELLE as well as the Italian and American Glamour, among others. So if you’re a bride who just wants to look at your best no matter which weather your wedding is in, Audrey is here to help. See her bridal portfolio at www.mymakeupbook.com . Get in touch with her now and book for a bridal consultation.