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Get the Best Hairstylist Training in DC

All professional hairstylists know that their career development is a continuous process. The initial training he or she obtains is only the beginning of his or her professional development. This means one must keep on taking courses and getting the best Hair stylist training in DC to make sure he or she remains up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in the world of hairstyling.
hair stylist training in DC
There are many kinds of training and courses targeted in improving your skills and dexterity in the art of hair styling. But the question is which among them is worth investing on. Here are some things to consider in choosing the best hair styling training:
  • Who will conduct the training?
Get to know the hair stylist behind the training. Check his or her background. Does he or she has the experience and expertise in the fields and industries you want to pursue or currently pursuing? For instance, Audrey Bethards, yours truly, has a firm grasp in the field of fashion, beauty, bridal, entertainment, print photography, corporate and commercial work and HDTV, Video and Film. Another thing to ask is if he or she attentive to details. Does his or her personality suits you? Learning and training should be fun not just technical.
  • What are the specific things/techniques and skills to be learned from the hair styling training sessions? At its best a hair stylist training should involve a thorough knowledge on the nature of hair, sanitation, knowing different hair products aside from techniques in achieving different hair styles. It should be a holistic approach.
  • How can the training help you in establishing your career or improving your career as a professional hair stylist? The training should also help you develop your professional portfolio. It should teach you how to build client list and obtain a strong foundation to launch your professional reputation. Other aspects that should be included in the training are billing-invoicing and having an efficient stylist kit.
What makes a great professional hair stylist aside from her talent, knowledge, skills and training is his or her interpersonal interaction with his or her clients. The best hair stylist training in DC will help you gain strong interpersonal skills for you to communicate effectively specifically listen, understand and cater your clients’ needs.

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Summer-Inspired Hair for Weddings in DC

Summer is here! Wedding bells are ringing. Flaunt your gorgeous summer mane without worrying about getting frizzy hair. Have the most enviable Hair for weddings in DC with a handful of tips from the expert.
Delight on Highlights
hair for weddings in dc
Summer is the perfect time to show off sun-kissed highlights. Natural highlights add texture to your tresses and look better in photographs. Go for a variety of intensity in color to give your hair movement and again texture. As a rule, brunettes must stick with color levels that the sun would naturally do to their hair. Adding a variety of flaxen tones gives blondes depth to their summer tresses. Always make sure it looks natural and blends well with your true hair color even to its roots.

Be Carefree Yet Sophisticated with Summer Bridal Updos
Depending on your wedding theme, you can choose whether to go for an elegant classic updo or go for a more carefree slightly messy updos this summer season. But if you want to have that summer-inspired look, opt for a low bun, knot or twist that is not that sleek and perfect – disheveled look is more in tune with summer style.

Say Goodbye to Flyaways
Summer may set a lovely scene for weddings but humid weather is not that friendly to those who tend to have frizzy hair. To tame those flyaways and get that silky, shiny hair, go for an updo that is loose on your hairline. If you are going to let your tresses down, be sure to do hair conditioning the night before. Apply SPF and curl enhancer to hydrate your hair. Rely on pomade plus a finishing spray for touch-ups.

Keep it Laid-Back with Down Do’s
Want to don beachy waves for your wedding? Want to sport long, ethereal waves on your big day? For beach weddings and Bohemian themed weddings, down-dos are definitely a DO. To spice it up add braids and flowers, floral wreathes and other floral accessories.

While doing this set of bridal hair styles by yourself is achievable, it is always best to go for a professional to get guaranteed gorgeous hair for weddings in DC.

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Tips for Healthy Hair for Summer Weddings

Sure it’s fun under the sun but it can be awfully harsh on your hair too. Aside from hiring a professional stylist for gorgeous Hair for weddings in Washington, DC, be sure to take care of your hair before your big day. Here are helpful tips to maintain or achieve healthy hair from season to season:
Adjust Your Conditioning Habits

As the temperature rises and humidity increases in the air, it is time to adjust your conditioning routine to suit the needs of your hair. Since the hair tends to be oily it’s time go lighter on your moisturizing. However, if you notice tangles and dry ends with rough texture then you might need to go for a deep conditioning treatment. It is important to remember that deep conditioning is still needed but it would be less frequently compared to fall and winter seasons. This prevents damage and keeps your hair soft, silky and smooth.
hair stylist for weddings
Be Smart to Combat the Sun
Sun causes your hair to be dry and lighter in color especially if you like the beach or spend a lot of time outdoors. To make sure the sun’s rays do not take a toll on the shine and texture of your hair, use a UV protecting shampoo and conditioner.

Healthy Highlights
The sun can give you natural highlights as it lightens your hair. Looks good right? But why wait for the sun to get gorgeous highlights especially for summer weddings? To make sure your hair remains healthy with highlight you must balance moisture by applying protein treatments with your usual conditioning treatment. This will give your hair strength under the summer sun and when spending a lot of time in the water.

At Best, Naturally Style Your Hair
You do not want too much stress on your hair before your wedding day. Use flat irons at a minimum. Go for wash and go hair styles that look good on the texture and length of your hair.

Having a healthy looking and gorgeous hair is not a one-time effort. Having the best hair for weddings in Washington, DC depends on your effort in keeping your hair healthy before the big day and the talent of your hair stylist.

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Summer Hot Hairstyles from a Pro Hair Stylist for Weddings in DC

Runways are perfect inspirations for your hairstyle on your wedding day. Trends may change from one season to another but here are certified hot hairstyles throughout the entire year of 2014. These are hottest hairstyles straight and fresh from the catwalk. A reputable Hair stylist for weddings in DC will be able to recreate. Pick out the best that suits the shape of your face and your dress.

Brides and Flowers
Flowers are fresh throughout all seasons. You can see renowned fashion names like Dolce and Gabbana embellished their models with floral hair accessories to models as they strut on the runway. Beautiful blooms will definitely give real brides a gorgeous bridal hair.
hair stylist
There are many ways to wear these blooms. You can add a huge flattering flower on one side of the head or wore a collection of tiny flower heads pinned all over your hair. You can pin lovely small flowers all over your mermaid waves – which is one of the trendiest hairstyle as seen in Calvin Klein’s spring fashion show.For a Bohemian look, you can wear a floral wreath.

Disheveled Hairstyles
It’s summer and it’s the perfect season to choose a more relaxed bridal hairstyle. Undone hairstyles are hitting the runway. Hair should not be sleek and perfect. Loose tangles can be made to frame your face. Windswept updos are consistent seen at Tom Ford’s. Unkempt hairdos and braids are definitely in for brides who want to embrace a boho look this summer.

1920s/Art-deco Inspired Wedding Hair
If you want to still go for glamour then choose accessories with golden shades to give you a sparkling warmer glow on your big day. Vintage glamour will always be in trend even in summertime. There are many ready-made beautifully crafted art-deco inspired wedding accessories that will definitely add sophistication to your hairstyle.

In choosing your bridal hair, always take note of how it looks on your wedding dress. While these hairstyles are in trend, it may not complement the dress you will be wearing. Book a trial appointment with your hair stylist for weddings in DC to make sure you are a hundred percent happy with your bridal hair. A bad hair day is never an option on your wedding.

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Expert’s Advice on Choosing Your Wedding Hairstyle

Choosing a bridal hair can be quite a challenge. It definitely helps to get words of advice from the expert Hair stylist for weddings in Washington, DC.

Be Yourself
Of all the hairstyle advice you must heed, this one is on top of the list. Stay true to who you are. Indeed, weddings symbolize a new chapter in one’s life but this is not the time for a dramatic change on your hair. It’s time to be your best self not someone unrecognizable on your wedding day.
hair for weddings
Make Regular Visits to your Hairstylist even Before the Big day
To make sure you look and feel great with your hair, see your hairstylist regularly before the big day. Doing so allows your hairstylist to know your hair and determine what style best flatters the shape of your face. In one of the visits, you will have a trial hairstyling so you can achieve the style that will make you happy and will be comfortable wearing on your big day.

Dress Should Go With Your Tresses
Whether you are going to flaunt your tresses, pin it up or wear a short bridal hair, it is always a must to check if your dress works with your hairstyle. Together with your stylist you can decide on which hairstyle will complement your dress or will look most flattering. So be sure to show your dress to your hair stylist. Usually the neckline is a determining factor on how your hair will be styled.

Prepare For Windswept Hair Under the Summer Sun or at the Beach Weddings
Summer is perfect for outdoor weddings such as beach weddings. There is no rule of the thumb for such conditions. Experts say it is a personal choice. However for beach weddings, opt for a windswept, disheveled look for most likely you will have one even if you originally go for a sleek hairstyle. Hot weather calls for beachy waves. Grab and pin hairstyles are also suitable for summer weddings.

Extra Hair Advice for Honeymoon:
Having a great hair day should not end on your wedding day. Get comfy and stylish with loose, wavy textured locks by braiding your hair then unloosing them. Then finish it off with salt spray.

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I DO, I DO NOT: Bridal Hair Do’s and Don’ts

If there is one day you wish not to have a bad hair day, it would definitely be your wedding day. With the help of a professional hairstylist your Bridal hair in DC can look perfect. But before the big day make sure you plan ahead to make sure you have all you need and refrain from doing things that will keep you from getting gorgeous hair on your wedding day.

Do Have a Bridal Hair Trial
To make sure your chosen wedding hair style looks good on your face and on your dress, set up a trial appointment with your bridal hair stylist. A great hairstyle you’ve seen on someone else may not always work for you.
bridal hair and makeup
Do Communicate Openly with Your Hairstylist
While your hairstylist has all the experience and skills to create a perfect bridal hair, getting the style that you totally want depends on whether or not you are honest with your stylist on your hairstyle. Remember how you feel about your hairstyle is a top priority of your hairstylist.

Don’t Go for a Hairstyle that’s Not You
While it’s exciting to try a new and different hairstyle, it is not the time to have a completely different style on your wedding day. YOU should look your best on your wedding day not look like somebody else.

Don’t Decide on Bridal Hair without a Dress
The dress is a crucial factor in deciding on whether you will keep your hair down or up on your big day. The style of your hair should complement your wedding dress. Ideally, you must have the dress on when doing a trial on your hairstyle.

Want to Change Your Hair Color or Add Highlights? Do Color Your Hair Way before the Big Day

If you are planning to change your hair color before the big day, make sure to get it ideally a few weeks before the big day.

Do Pamper Your Hair with a Hair Treatment
7 days before your wedding get a hair treatment. Deep conditioning will make sure your hair is in its best shiny and healthy shape on your big day.

Do Add Hair Accessories.
Headbands, floral hairpieces and pins add spark in your bridal hair. The wedding theme will help you decide on what kind of accessories to go for. This summer, floral wreathes and floral accessories are definitely in.
Keeping this list in mind will guide you in achieving lovely bridal hair in DC.

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Tips in Choosing a Stylist for Bridal Hair in Washington, DC

Finding a hairstylist is not hard, choosing the right one to do your Bridal hair in Washington, DC is another story. Here are some tips to help you choose the right bridal hairstylist.

Choose a Hairstylist You can Build a Relationship With
It is very important that you hire someone who can give you what you want to look like on your wedding day. Thus, he or she must be someone you are comfortable with. Your stylist should know how to listen and at the same time gives you a realistic expectation. It is necessary to consult first with a stylist before hiring him or her so you can communicate effectively if he or she can pull off the hairstyle you want to have.

bridal hair and makeup in dc
Consider How a Hairstylist Present Him/Herself
Do they look like a professional hairstylist? How does her or his hair look neat or a mess? Sanitation is always important in hair stylist. If he or she works on a salon, see to it that the one you choose works in a clean and comfortable environment.

Choose a Hairstylist Who Gives Hair Health Tips
Aside from being expert in creating a variety of hairstyles, the right hair stylist also gives you advice on how to take care of your hair the right way and is knowledgeable in the nature of your hair and the nature of hair in general.

Seek for Referrals from Family and Friends
Ask your family and friends if they can recommend a hair stylist whom they at least once hired particularly for a wedding or almost similar occasions. In case you find someone who is not recommended by either a friend or a family, you can ask previous clients if they are happy with the work of the hair stylist.

See their Working Portfolio
To get a glimpse of how a particular hair stylist works or to see his or her style, then see his or her portfolio. This will give you an idea if he or she is someone who can pull off the hairstyle that you want to have on your wedding day.

In short, for your bridal hair in Washington, DC, choose a trusted and experienced hairstylist. Doing so guarantees beautiful hair that looks great all throughout – from the ceremony to the reception.

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Summer Bridal Makeup Tips from a Makeup Artist in DC

Summer weddings are definitely lovely but staying pretty with the heat and humidity of summer can be a challenge. It definitely takes a professional Makeup artist in DC to guarantee your makeup stay fresh and lovely.
Fresh and Shine-Free Complexion
Dewy skin is lovely but a greasy face is another story. To keep your face shine-free be sure to:
Dry skin needs moisturizer to hydrate it. For oily skin, use an oil free moisturizer. If you are extra oily then do away with moisturizer and apply a small amount of eye lotion instead (under your eyes).
Apply anti-shine product before applying foundation if you have oily skin.
Eye Makeup
For your eyes, apply concealer over your lid to make the eye shadow last longer. Apply two layers of shadow to make it last longer too. Use liquid eyeliners instead of pencil. Don’t forget to use a waterproof mascara for your wedding day. Note: Don’t use creamy formulas on your lids.

Blushing Summer Bride
As a rule of the thumb, do not use creamy formulas on your cheeks. Always use powdery formula since it will keep you looking fresh and it absorbs oil. For a blush to last longer, use a cheek stain and set it off with a matching powder blush.

Kissable Lips
With all the kissing, eating and sipping, it’s a daunting task to keep your lipstick on. To make sure your lips maintain their dewiness and color, apply a concealer on your lips that will serve as a base of your lipstick. Be sure to use a lip balm first before applying the concealer so as to moisturize the lips and makes your pencil glide easier. After using the lip pencil, apply your lipstick and blot with a tissue, apply loose powder, remove tissue then apply lipstick again to finish it off.

Extra Tips: Have an umbrella to cover you from direct heat of the sun if you are taking photos at noon. One of the best tips to keep you looking fresh and pretty on your wedding day is to have a makeup artist in DC accompany you throughout the day for quick touchups.

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Summer Makeup Trends: Celebrity Inspired Makeup in Washington DC

Summer gives a warm welcome to colorful makeup trends. Get ready for a dose of celebrity inspired Makeup Artist in Washington, DC. These are wearable makeup which will keep you pretty and trendy this summer.

Winged Blue Liner

The skies are not the only blues on summer.. Use a blue liner to wing your eyes. Apply the liner on the outer three quarters of your lash line. Do the usual flick upward at the corners of your eyes. Another fantastic makeup trend for your eyes is going for aqua eyeliner. The key in wearing color eyeliner is to keep it soft –the effect will make your eyes standout.
Makeup Artist in Washington, DC
White on the Eyes
Add a white streak over your usual black liner to keep your look new and interesting. But be sure to steer away from shimmery makeup.

Dewy Pink Lips
To achieve enviable juicy pink lips, follow this one rule: fill your lips with a nude or pink pencil. Doing so adds color to the gloss and make it last longer on your lips. Although doing so helps in preventing the gloss to wear off, always have a tube of lip gloss to retouch.

Matte Pink Lips
If juicy lips are not your cup of tea, then sport matte pink lips.

You can Never Go wrong with Coral
Summer is one of the best times to wear coral lips. Its pinkish and orangy tones make it flattering to almost everyone. It is best with worn with fresh and dewy skin. A more forward option instead of coral lips is going for bold orange lips which are also in trend this summer.

Peach on Your Cheeks
Go for a peach blush as it is perfect for golden summer skin. It gives you a warm summer glow.

Go for the Gold for Your Eyes and Cheeks
Get that glow for summer by going for golden eyes and cheeks. There are many bronzer products and golden highlighter that will make such look very achievable.

This summer less is more. Wear a makeup that is easy to wear. For occasions, hire a professional.

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How to Achieve a Winter Wedding Perfectly

Dream tying the knot amid the charming beauty of snow, being embraced by the chilly Washingon, DC air? Then why not pick an enchanting and icy wedding? Brides-to-be, prepare yourselves with the help of a Hair and Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC and be merry as the winter wedding theme will give you and your man a fascinating and delightful nuptial waiting to be treasured forever.

Weddings that are carried out on a snowy season are called winter weddings. But over time, winter weddings have become a favorite of several couples, holding a winter-themed wedding anytime even in the middle of summer! Especially now that a lot of people fell in love with the movie “Frozen”, it’s a surety that the number of beautiful winter weddings will increase in the coming years.

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC
Typically, couples hold their winter weddings on the first and last quarter of the year as it is not only the snow is perfect to achieve an absolute winter wedding. But don’t feel frustrated if your wedding date doesn’t fall on these months or you are on a place that doesn’t have winter at all. If winter seems to be an impossibility on where you are situated or if you’re in a tropical country where you have to ‘rub a genie out of a bottle‘ for you to have that winter dream, then a winter wedding is like ‘having to hit two birds with one stone’ having your dream wedding and experiencing the enjoyment of winter!!

Though winter weddings denote white everywhere, it doesn’t mean that you cannot play with colors when opting for one. Whatever your chosen color or motif is, it will definitely blend easily with the winter theme as white goes with anything. Snowflakes everywhere, colorful centerpieces placed on white shimmering tables, a solid jeweled color that accentuates the white chairs, shimmering gold pine-cones and silver-spray painted twigs are just some of the staple winter wedding style.

A solid color will definitely give a sudden splash to the white surroundings. Also, the lighting can do the trick in achieving a perfect winter-themed wedding. Dazzling yellow, elegant lavender or even bright red or emerald green beams will contrast fabulously with the overall white theme. If you want to make your winter-inspired wedding look both elegant and fun, why not choose different lighting? There will be as if an Aurora Borealis dancing amazingly on your wedding reception.

And just like how the lighting plays a huge role in your complete winter wedding, so as the hair stylist and makeup artist who will doll you up on your big day. For brides, a winter wedding makeup and hair signifies a minimal, natural but elegant look. If you are going for a winter wedding, it’s best to keep your makeup simple but chic and let the dreamy surroundings do all the talking! Some put crystals on their hair, making them appear like snows that have just fallen from afar. Choose the best makeup artist and hair stylist for weddings so that every moment, especially that look of yours will always be picture perfect!

Speaking of a great hair and makeup artist for weddings in DC,Audrey Bethards, does Wedding Makeup and Bridal Hair in Washington, DC , will fulfill each bride’s dream- to look her best on her big day. For winter wedding brides out there, contact Audrey Bethards to ensure that you get that Snow Queen look to perfection!

Start planning on throwing that dreamy winter nuptials now that will make you go on singing to the tune of “Walking’ in a winter wonderland.” a guarantee!

Author Bio:-

Audrey Bethards, Hair stylist and Makeup artist in Washington, DC. Providing hair stylist and makeup artist services for Fashion, Bridal, Runway Fashion Shows, Photography, HDTV Video Film, Galas and Special Events. With more than 30 years in the beauty industry. She has a high experience and reliable reputation in the Washington DC – Baltimore, MD – Northern Virginia area.

Indian and Korean Inspired Bridal Look

Achieving your dream wedding is something to look forward to, more so, envisioning the wedding look you’ve been wanting ever since is icing on the cake! Just like the flowers in full bloom as a centerpiece on a dining table or that sparkling chandelier on a living room, a blushing bride is the highlight of any wedding. Aside from the groom, the guests undeniably look forward to the bride’s lovely ensemble. Certainly, the nods, the comments and the appreciation of the bride’s immaculate beauty is truly meaningful to her.

Asian brides have several styles to choose from, and the Bridal Wedding Hair and Makeup in DC stylists available to them are just endless! Indian bridal makeup is very dramatic, especially with regards to the eye makeup. It’s indeed captivating. The Korean bridal makeup on the other hand is striking. The burst of eye colors, winged eyeliner and falsies are some words to describe the Korean makeup generally. Though they differ in style, they denote the same thing- glamour.
hair for weddings in dc1
But don’t think that the gorgeous makeup styles above are only applicable to the said ethnicity. With the proper way of makeup application and blending of the right colors, getting the perfect Asian bridal look is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Indian wedding eye makeup consists of impressive colors and deep hues that highly define the eyes. Some brides tend opt to have full smoky eyes, giving them precise sharpness. Others choose to have semi-smoky eyes for that subtly-defined look. Depending on the wedding dress color and the wedding motif, the makeup artist could play up with colors that would come up to the make up concoction that will truly make the bride’s eyes pop!

Getting the perfect Korean eye makeup style is foolproof. The winged eyeliner and under eye makeup are becoming a popular trend these days. The right Asian eye makeup will be needed. Dark eyeshadows and eyeliners would be essential to create the perfect Asian eye. False eyelashes will surely make thin-slit eyes prettily open up.

Depending on the eyebrow shape, brides could have either a full brow or a thin brow to complete their Indian or Korean wedding makeup.If you want to make your look a bit different, why not use shimmery or metallic eyesharows on your big day? With the best cosmetics to use alongside proper makeup application, the bride can have the most enchanting gaze!

Contouring to highlight your best features is highly recommendable. Shades that are of earth colors, berry hues or sweet pink will surely keep you glowing. Even the light skinned ones could use a bronzer to get that sudden glow. Brides with deeper undertones will give a timeless radiance with a bronzer.It is recommended to use a long-wearing matte lipstick on the wedding so it’ll stay longer and won’t stain easily. Whatever lip color is to be used, be it in the tan, coral, red or pink tint, it is safe to wear something that would complement your skin tone, match with the wedding dress color and to balance your overall makeup look. 

A great makeup artist will play a big role in combining everything and hitting your wedding look goal.
And when we use the word “great”, we mean a lengthy experience for almost 3 decades in the beauty industry, a name recognized globally boasting a hundred of creations for private individuals and international companies. Audrey Bethards, bridal Hair and Makeup in DC for weddings has an outstanding skills and expertise will make you look like a star- guaranteed!

So whether you want your bridal look to be K-Pop inspired or the idea of a Bollywood-enthused theme is something that make you giggle with excitement, Audrey Bethards, will deliver!

Author Bio:-

Audrey Bethards, Hair stylist and Makeup artist in Washington, DC. Providing hair stylist and makeup artist services for Fashion, Bridal, Runway Fashion Shows, Photography, HDTV Video Film, Galas and Special Events. With more than 30 years in the beauty industry. She has a high experience and reliable reputation in the Washington DC – Baltimore, MD – Northern Virginia area.

Reliable Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC

This is the day you’ve dreamed of since you were just a little girl. You’ve constantly envisioned in your mind how you could look on your wedding day. Now, it is the time to truly begin planning for that excellent, passionate, “wish come true” wonderful event, Your Wedding Day!

You have eventually found Mr. Wonderful, your perfect dress, the perfect wedding shoes, that wonderful place in Washington, DC you envisioned where you would walk down the aisle, the look and feel of the bridesmaids standing by your side, the flowers and even the cake…. but did you consider your hair and makeup? Have you been planning to leave that such an important issue for the last? It is time to consider hiring the Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC available, don’t you think?

bridal hair in dc
Why should you hire a hair stylist and makeup artist that specialize in bridal hair and makeup for your wedding? The answers could be many, simply and straightforward. Knowledge, expertise, stress-free reliability, and the professional energy they will bring into your wedding day! You need everything to be ideal in your wedding and only a reliable expert will help you with that. The final thing you need to stress about is making sure your hair and makeup are just right, don’t you think?

Relax; hire the best bridal hair stylist and makeup artist services in your area. That will be able to deliver excellent hair stylist and makeup services to the location of your choice. This will give you a more relaxed time and comfort, and will take off the stress of getting into the hair salon appointments on time right in the middle of your wedding day and your busy timetable. You will save time and unnecessary stress and let’s face it, it is the pampering type of enjoyment you need in your wedding day! It’s very important that your hair and makeup style will look as beautiful in two decades as it does on your wedding day.

An experienced artist who does bridal hair and makeup in DC understands how to reach the right hair and makeup styles without “dating” your bridal look. Only a professional will make look perfect for the valuable photography memory of your wedding day, which you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come.

A bridal hair and makeup artist will use the best hair and makeup products available and have the knowledge of what would be the best products to use for your hair and makeup necessities. They are well experienced to create a very personal bridal look that will compliment your dress, your wedding theme as well as your personality. And of course, that will last all night long!

When choosing a hair and makeup artist, make sure you choose someone that is well experienced in photography makeup. This will ensure you will look wonderful in your wedding pictures. The right Bridal Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist in Washington, DC will ensure your makeup is never too much or too little in different type of lighting and your wedding photos will be “picture perfect” for decades to come.

Author Bio:- 

Audrey Bethards, hair stylist and Makeup artist in Washington, DC. Providing hair stylist and makeup artist services for Fashion, Bridal, Runway Fashion Shows, Photography, HDTV Video Film, Galas and Special Events. With more than 30 years in the beauty industry. She has a high experience and reliable reputation in the Washington DC – Baltimore, MD – Northern Virginia area.