Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer Bridal Makeup Tips from a Makeup Artist in DC

Summer weddings are definitely lovely but staying pretty with the heat and humidity of summer can be a challenge. It definitely takes a professional Makeup artist in DC to guarantee your makeup stay fresh and lovely.
Fresh and Shine-Free Complexion
Dewy skin is lovely but a greasy face is another story. To keep your face shine-free be sure to:
Dry skin needs moisturizer to hydrate it. For oily skin, use an oil free moisturizer. If you are extra oily then do away with moisturizer and apply a small amount of eye lotion instead (under your eyes).
Apply anti-shine product before applying foundation if you have oily skin.
Eye Makeup
For your eyes, apply concealer over your lid to make the eye shadow last longer. Apply two layers of shadow to make it last longer too. Use liquid eyeliners instead of pencil. Don’t forget to use a waterproof mascara for your wedding day. Note: Don’t use creamy formulas on your lids.

Blushing Summer Bride
As a rule of the thumb, do not use creamy formulas on your cheeks. Always use powdery formula since it will keep you looking fresh and it absorbs oil. For a blush to last longer, use a cheek stain and set it off with a matching powder blush.

Kissable Lips
With all the kissing, eating and sipping, it’s a daunting task to keep your lipstick on. To make sure your lips maintain their dewiness and color, apply a concealer on your lips that will serve as a base of your lipstick. Be sure to use a lip balm first before applying the concealer so as to moisturize the lips and makes your pencil glide easier. After using the lip pencil, apply your lipstick and blot with a tissue, apply loose powder, remove tissue then apply lipstick again to finish it off.

Extra Tips: Have an umbrella to cover you from direct heat of the sun if you are taking photos at noon. One of the best tips to keep you looking fresh and pretty on your wedding day is to have a makeup artist in DC accompany you throughout the day for quick touchups.

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