Monday, 29 June 2015

Professional Hair Stylist And Makeup Artist In Washington, DC

In the fashion world, makeup is the most interesting and fascinating art that can let you have an amazing personality and style. Girls always want to have something new for their look. They don't want to get stuck with one particular style. There are various trends of make up and hairstyles with which one can easily enhance their personality. For the casual outing, you have the natural look and for the special events, you can dress up yourself with the vibrant makeup color schemes.

Makeup and hairstyles, consider shape and features of your face as the base before doing any styling. The girls having long face will look amazing with the fluffy hairstyles and for the small face features, the long haircuts may look perfect. Modern girls want to experiment with their own creative ideas for their look. As far as, makeup colors are concerned, you need to know how to maintain uniformity and symmetry with the color schemes.

Hair for Weddings In DC
The perfect methods of makeup application can bring out complete makeover of your style and personality. For those who want to have a unique look for the special celebration can have their makeup from the expert beauty artists. The professional will analyze your skin type, complexion and shape of the face. According to that, they will perform makeup for you.

For the special occasions like wedding, you need to consult perfect and an expert beauty artist to have stunning look for the big day. If you want to customize your own ideas in the bridal look, like hair accessories and makeup shades then you can also have the experts for the pre-bridal trail. It will also help you to test your look for the occasion.

If you want to learn tips regarding makeup methods, then you can consult the professional artists for the practice sessions and makeup lessons. You can also learn different type of hairstyles under guidance of an expert hair stylist.

Audrey Bethards is one of the highly reputed international Hair and Makeup Artist in Washington, DC. She is well known for her best makeup performance for the runway fashion shows, videos, special events, weddings, celebrities, galas and photography. She also provides guidance regarding makeup methods and creative hairstyles.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Perfect Hair Stylist And Makeup Artist In Washington, DC

In the world of fashion, every person desires to have an appealing attire. There are various beauty trends and techniques of fashion and makeup. Women always desire to get admired and appreciated. For that, she tends to embellish her look with the various makeup styles.

Cosmetics can enhance your appearance when they are applied with perfect color schemes and methods. It is not just about applying the bulk of makeup products on your face, rather it is about the perfect techniques how to maintain harmony with the color choices. Makeup with stylish haircut can alter your complete look.

Hairstyle and makeup must be complementary to the shape of your face.

Modern people don't feel comfortable with only one type of hairstyle and makeup. They love to involve innovative styles of fashion in their looks. Makeup and hairstyles can be of various types. For the different occasion like Parties, Wedding, Celebration, you can have stylish looks with the traditional and western touch.

There are many hairstyles like Curly hair, Wavy Haircut, Straightening, French Braided Styles, Bun Hairstyles etc.

Bridal Hair in DC

For the wedding, you can have stunning hair styles like crown, bun, low bun, french braided along with beautiful hair accessories like Flower Veils, Hair Pins, Hair band etc.

For Men Hair, it is all about latest fashion and personality. You might have observed that Men love to modify their look with many types of haircut and hairstyles, sometimes with the short hair length and sometimes with the long hair. 

With the latest fashion and trend, they can have different hairstyle types like Messy Hair, Spiky Cut, Crew Cut, Curl, Boho Wave, Soft and Curl Hairstyle, Rock Star Appeal and many more. Hairstyles and haircuts are the consistent part of men’s grooming.

Audrey Bethards is the reputed international Hair and Makeup Artist in Washington, DC. Her Makeup and Hairstyle Methods can alter your look into stunning personality. She is performing Makeup and Hairstyles for many fashion Shows, Videos, Occasions, Wedding, and celebrations. You can also learn makeup lessons from her in the training sessions.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Professional Hair And Makeup Artist In Washington, DC

Girls always desire to look more and more beautiful. For that, they tend to add each and every element to enhance their personality. The modern girls are quite devoted toward innovative trends of makeup and fashion. Every time, they want to have something extraordinary in their look and they adopt the latest trends of makeup and haircuts.

The makeup and Hairstyles can significantly bring out the tremendous change in your personality. For the Casual looks, you can experiment any Hairstyles for your hair that must be complementary to face shape. The Expert Hair Artist advises you the best idea for your Hair Type. 

Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DC
For the girls going to be brides in the upcoming days, need to appoint Perfect Beauty Artist for the Special day. Although, it may take some time to find out the best one, but once you have opted the perfect artist, you can completely rely upon him/her for the best wedding makeup performance.

Pre-consultation is always advisable for the bridal makeup as it can let you figure out the final makeup look and the hairstyle for your wedding. Makeup Artist can suggest you treatment for the skin disorders like acne, blemishes, dark spots, irritation, and eczema. Many Salons and Parlors offer package schemes with the complete makeover like facials, Massages, Hair treatment etc. One can also earn benefits of the several discount offers on the Multipacks.

Makeup Artists experiment different hairstyles for your Hair and makeup with different color schemes, the one that suits perfectly with your face will be considered for the final day touch up.

There are different cultural customs for the wedding styles. If you want to have some traditional touch in your look, then you can ask your beauty artist to involve some customized ideas in your bridal makeup. In some Cultures, flowers, veils, accessories are the consistent part of makeup. It looks elegant to dress up with a proper wedding theme.

Audrey Bethards is one of the most Reputed Beauty and Hair Artist in Washington, DC. She has gained a lot of name and fame in developing latest makeup trends in the fashion world. For Wedding Makeup and Hairstyles, Call at 410.684.3169. We would love to serve you.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Hair Beauty And Makeup Artist In DC

Makeup and hair styles are complementary to each other. You can enhance the your look with perfect colors of makeup and hair styles.The people of the modern world admire to have something unique for their look, and they always tend to experiment new ideas with their hair and makeup colors.

With different haircuts and makeup ideas, one can have a complete makeover easily.

There comes many occasions like wedding, birthday celebration, random parties, anniversary and special events when you can dress up yourself with the gorgeous colors of makeup and perfect hairstyles.

For everyone waits for their big day and wish to have unique attire. The bride and bridegroom are the center of attraction in the wedding. For Men and Women, it is quite important to hire the expert beauty artist and hair stylist  to have a glamorous look on the wedding day. You need to consult the beauty expert at least one month before the final date so that you can evaluate their performance in the trail zones. 

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC
Considering the time, season and venue, the makeup has to be performed according to that. In the summers, makeup products must be waterproof and smudge free. For the winter season, darker shades of makeup color can represent an appealing look for your personality. For more, you can also have makeup trails from your beauty expert. This can help you to judge your look for your wedding day.

The Brides, who want to have something different for their hair, they can ask the Hair Expert for the customized ideas. If you are having shorter hair length and want to wear flower veils with the long hair style, then there are many options like hair extension to have desired style for the hair.

For the hair do, there are plenty of creative ideas like Bun, Modern Cut, Curly Hair, twisted Crown, French Braid, Ponytails, Ballerina Bun etc. The style of hair can be modified with the beautiful accessories like Stone pins, Clips, Flower Veil, Bands etc.

For the Men Hairstyles, there are various trendy cuts with the latest fashion like Spiky cut, Sky High Crop, Boho Wave, Silver Fox, Simply Side Swept and many more.

For those who are just new in the beauty profession and want to grab the key elements about Makeup and Hairstyles, Audrey Bethards, Hair and Makeup Artist in DC will be the perfect guide for them. You can have Makeup and Hair Dressing for commercial work, fashion, runways, videos, films, photography, occasion, wedding and special events.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Best Bridal Makeup And Hair Artist In DC

Wedding is one of the most awaiting day for almost everyone especially girls.  Since childhood, she starts dreaming about the fascinating day like what type of wedding gown she will wear, what will be the colors of makeup and what hairstyle she will have for the big day.

Make up is something like magical appearance for the brides with perfect color schemes. For all, you need to opt the Best Professional Artist for Wedding Hair and Makeup. Their highly expertise skills can create an appealing glimpse for your special day.

 You must have to consult the professionals at least a month ago. Many of the beauty Salons tend to provide makeup trials for wedding day look. For that, try to wear the same color clothes as of the wedding costume. With that you will get an idea of your look for your special day and if you want to have some change in the makeup colors and shades or you want to indulge your own customize ideas in wedding look, then you can ask beauty artist for the same.

Hair Stylist for Weddings in Washington, DC
Along with the makeup, Bridal Hairstyle is also important. Most of the time, you desire to have long hairstyles with your makeup, but with short hair length it seems like impossible. The Hair Artists have the perfect solution for all types of thick, thin, small and long hair. With the hair extension and wedding hairstyles, they will suggest you creative ideas like Bun Hairstyle, wavy patterns, French hair, braided style, Messy bun and many more. If you want to have something extraordinary for the hair look, then there are many options available, with the hair accessories like flower veils, stone crafted hairpins, Headbands, chains, clips etc. You can pick out the perfect style according to your wedding theme and dress.

If your wedding location is in Washington, and you are looking for Makeup and Bridal Hair in DC, Then Audrey Bethards will be the perfect choice for you. With 30 years of experience in Hair and Makeup field, She has gained a lot of name and fame for her expertise beauty skills. For more information, you can contact us at 305.962.5387.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

How To Dress Your Hair on Wedding

Brides are the special attraction of the wedding occasion. They need to be fantastically gorgeous for their day. There must be something extraordinary with the Makeup Look and Hair Style. Many of the brides give importance to the makeup not to the hair style. But both are the key elements for the perfect look. If you have your makeup well, but the hairstyle you have opted does not suit with your face, then there might be a bad impact of overall look. It will be very convenient if you have hired a Perfect hair Stylist for the different styles of hair on the wedding. Many of the Makeup Artists are the perfect Hair Stylist too. That can be good assistance for hiring one person for the many purposes.

Hair Stylists are very expert in their performance, Like they are very much aware with the fact that hairstyle have to be opted with the shape of the face like for Small face, the tie up hair style does not look good and for the long face, straight lengthening does suit with the look. Although, there are many options with the style of hair like lower Hair Bun, Front braided with Upper Hair Bun, Half Curl Length and many more. The creative Arts with hair style develop a new innovation every time with different thoughts. For the extra gorgeous look of hair, the hair accessories and hair extension can also be preferred for use. They are added to the extra charm and you can get different color options with the matching of wedding dress.

Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC
If you are having thin hair or short hair length, the hair extension and different arts will sort out all the problems like Hair Extension can convert the short hair into the new creative hairstyle that you have not imagined for your look. For The hair problems like rough and dull hair, you may consult the Hair Artist, He/she can suggest you the best home remedies for the hair treatment.

If you are going to plan your wedding in Washington, DC area, then you can Consult the Best Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist there.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bridal Hairstyles For Wedding Occasion

Wedding for girls is something like dream comes true. Girls get passionate about their look on the wedding day. Every necessity like the wedding gown, color of dress, matching jewelry is selected appropriately as per the season and venue of the wedding occasion. The bride is the only attraction of the marriage event and her look speaks undefined emotions and pleasure of getting married. As per the wedding style like modern or traditional, bridal makeup with gorgeous shades has to be planned first. Along with stunning makeup, the hairstyle also has to be as per the theme of the wedding. Many of the Beauty artists works with the team of Makeup Expert as well as the Hairstylist. Beauty of Hair can change the entire look of bridal face. If you are planning for wedding venue in Washington, DC, you must to have to choose the right Hair Expert Artist for excellent performance of her skills.

Hairstylist can perform the great experiment with the bridal hair like if bride is having the short hair length, the best solution with her hair can work with hair extension and artificial accessories. Even thin hair can be made thicker with the complete coverage of Hair with different artistic styles. beautiful veils can also be used with the maximum length on the front as well on the backside of hair. The Hairstyle ideas can be customized with the desired arts of brides.

Hair styles are something like creativity with the various ideas and thoughts. For the small face, fluffy hairstyles suit very well with the beauty of the brides face. If one wants to highlight the features of the face, then bun hairstyles are the best of the choice. To long face, short hairstyles with semi tied knots looks better. For the brides with heavy shape of face, lengthening hair with some side accessories is the superb idea. Hairstyle must be according to the shape of the bridal face. Matching hair accessories with the wedding outfit look awesome. Hair Artists are very well aware of the wedding season, like for summers the lengthening of hair can bring some uncomfort to the bride, but for the autumn, It will look stunning with the gorgeous bridal makeup. 
Hair and Makeup Artist in Washington, DC