Thursday, 24 July 2014

Special and Unique Hair for Weddings in Washington

Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC
Everyone wants their wedding day to be the most special, unique and beautiful day of all. This must be a day to remember. However, even though a couple usually feel the way they want their perfect day to be, it’s not always that they can verbalize it. Luckily, there are wedding planners and managers out there to help the bride and groom create their own personal fairy tale. 

Get a professional who is trusted when it comes to Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC. It also helps to do your homework by knowing which perfect bridal hair accessory would look great on you and reflects the theme of your wedding. We narrow down the list into three of the best hair accessory that will surely make you shine on your big day!
Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC3

Boho Flower Fashion – If traditional tiara is not your thing then let your free-spirited personality shine by wearing stunning head pieces made out of flowers. The hobo look is not just for beach weddings. Loose, effortless waves are in trend this 2014 and they definitely call for boho floral wreathes. Even half-updos and updos look charming with flower headbands. To make it even better the laidback, and sometimes windswept hairstyles for bohemian themed weddings are much easier to maintain and needs little to no touch-ups on your wedding day.

It took the girls whole afternoon to complete the task, but when the groom walked in and saw the ready gifts he was so delighted and amazed, that he didn’t know what to say. That was the best award for all the hard work.
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We also prepared a special questioner to get a basic idea on what should be done. Filling it in during a meeting also gave us a memo to work with. After a long discussion we found out that the bride would prefer aqua blue/yellow palette for the wedding. Learn more about bridal hair and makeup at one of the Best Hair Stylists for weddings in the area Get to know the professional artist behind the Best Hair for Weddings in DC.

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