Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Professional Makeup Artist in DC

Makeup beauty products generally last longer than liquids like liquid foundation and liquid eyeliner. As a rule of the thumb, if the product’s color, smell or texture changes, or if it feels different when you apply it on your skin then get rid of it right away. A Professional Makeup Artist in DC knows the best time to say adieu. Here are a few reminders in determining how long you should keep your beauty products.

Liquid Foundation or Blush, Liquid Liner
Throw your liquid foundation or blush away six months after opening. Bacteria can quickly grow in beauty products containing water. You don’t want to have irritation or breakouts. Give your liquid liner two months then discard it.
Makeup Artist in DC

You can keep your powder foundation or blush for a good two years unless you feel texture changes or if they feel different on your skin. Yes, we know it’s a product women generally keep for years but you should not keep it more than a year. If it is a cream shadow then keep it for nine months after opening. Your eye area is very sensitive, it is not worth the risk. Learning to let go of your favorite makeup is not that hard. Remember you can always have a fresh new set of makeup that is friendly to your skin. To get more tips and trends from the Best Makeup Artist in Washington, DC

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