Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Perfect Hair Stylist And Makeup Artist In Washington, DC

In the world of fashion, every person desires to have an appealing attire. There are various beauty trends and techniques of fashion and makeup. Women always desire to get admired and appreciated. For that, she tends to embellish her look with the various makeup styles.

Cosmetics can enhance your appearance when they are applied with perfect color schemes and methods. It is not just about applying the bulk of makeup products on your face, rather it is about the perfect techniques how to maintain harmony with the color choices. Makeup with stylish haircut can alter your complete look.

Hairstyle and makeup must be complementary to the shape of your face.

Modern people don't feel comfortable with only one type of hairstyle and makeup. They love to involve innovative styles of fashion in their looks. Makeup and hairstyles can be of various types. For the different occasion like Parties, Wedding, Celebration, you can have stylish looks with the traditional and western touch.

There are many hairstyles like Curly hair, Wavy Haircut, Straightening, French Braided Styles, Bun Hairstyles etc.

Bridal Hair in DC

For the wedding, you can have stunning hair styles like crown, bun, low bun, french braided along with beautiful hair accessories like Flower Veils, Hair Pins, Hair band etc.

For Men Hair, it is all about latest fashion and personality. You might have observed that Men love to modify their look with many types of haircut and hairstyles, sometimes with the short hair length and sometimes with the long hair. 

With the latest fashion and trend, they can have different hairstyle types like Messy Hair, Spiky Cut, Crew Cut, Curl, Boho Wave, Soft and Curl Hairstyle, Rock Star Appeal and many more. Hairstyles and haircuts are the consistent part of men’s grooming.

Audrey Bethards is the reputed international Hair and Makeup Artist in Washington, DC. Her Makeup and Hairstyle Methods can alter your look into stunning personality. She is performing Makeup and Hairstyles for many fashion Shows, Videos, Occasions, Wedding, and celebrations. You can also learn makeup lessons from her in the training sessions.

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