Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How to Find the Right Makeup Artist in DC

Time to glam up in DC! The problem is you are clueless where to go and who to contact to make sure you would look your best for the occasion. Worry no more - we will make the search easier for you. Follow these guidelines for you to get the right makeup artist.

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Do your research. The best first resource is a recommendation from a friend or someone you trust whom had a previous experience with the makeup artist. This information is reliable as it provides you with a real account of the skills and the style of the makeup artist. You can also search online, simply google Best Makeup Artist in DC to find websites of makeup artists. Take time to look through their portfolios and to read testimonials. This will give you a good reference on their styles, range of makeup skills and professionalism. 

Make Inquiries. First thing you need to know is if the makeup artist is available. If you are booking for your wedding make sure the artist has no prior commitments on your big day. This is especially important when you are getting married on a wedding season or if your wedding date falls on a Saturday. You can inquire other important details such as their rates and packages. Making inquiries will also allow you to get a glimpse of how they handle clients. 
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See What’s Inside Their Makeup Kit. It is expected that a professional makeup artist make use of professional products such as MAC, NARS and Bobbi Brown. You can find what products they use on their websites if not then ask the makeup artist. A professional makeup artist usually gives you a variety of makeup brands as options. If ever you are not familiar with a particular brand or product they use, ask them why they prefer to use that product. 

Once you know if their available, confident in their makeup skills, comfortable in communicating with them and liked the cosmetic products they worked on, it’s time for you to go ahead and set an appointment. If you need their services for your wedding, book a makeup trial. Select a date that will give you a good allowance before your wedding day. It gives you less to worry about knowing you are already confident on your bridal look. Once you find the Best Makeup Artist in Washington, DC, you are guaranteed to look your best not only for weddings but also for any occasion.

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